Anticipa Real Estate’s efforts are focused on creating customized solutions for every customer. The company believes in corporate responsibility that is built on two pillars: the flexible and personalized management of the mortgage business, and job placement assistance for vulnerable individuals and families through its internal program.

Personalized solutions

Anticipa’s portfolio management gives priority to negotiating with borrowers by analyzing each case to understand the debtor’s situation and offer tailored solutions that enables them to make future payments.

These solutions range from deed in lieu of foreclosure, debt refinancing, full mortgage amortization (with and without discounts) and/or voluntary repossession.

In the case of families that agree to deed in lieu of foreclosure, Anticipa Real Estate has always given them the possibility of remaining in the home and paying a below-market rental price that is in line with their income.

In turn, vulnerable units with one or several unemployed family members or extremely limited financial resources can join the Anticipa job placement program that improves their employability and social integration.

Anticipa job placement program

In 2015, the company launched a global social-occupational assistance program that operates in two areas: social guidance to obtain financial aid from the government, and job placement for new or better employment.

The Anticipa Real Estate program is managed by an organization specialized in these types of efforts and is based on the housing first approach. According to this model, in order for a social initiative to have a positive impact and revert the social exclusion faced by many families, they must first find a home.

Since its launch in 2015, close to 900 families have joined the Anticipa program. During this time, the job placement initiative has been a great success given that 60% of participants have managed to enter the labor market and many have improved their working conditions.